Grove Pension Solutions

Grove Pension Solutions are pension transfer specialists. Their target audience are aged 55 to 65, just about to retire and need advice on accessing their pension pot.

The pension transfer market is highly regulated and anyone with a defined benefit pension pot worth over £30,000 needs to seek advice from a FCA regulated advisor before they can transfer it.

The Project

I’ve been friends with Dash, the founder, for over 30 years. Building his first website 20 years ago, when it was just him in a service office. At that time we surfed the web on a blistering slow and squeaky 56k modem.

In 2020 Dash was having issues with the development of his new website and asked if I could take a look and help out.

01. Consultancy

My initial brief was to fix the website. That evolved into analysing all online activities, assets, integrations and marketing.

02. Creativity

I gave Grove a fresh new brand ID to set them apart from their competitors. Out went the stock images of old retired folk sitting in parks and in came the quirky kids.

The idea was to remove any subconscious negativity a 55 year old would have trying to identify with images of people much older than them. 

I pushed the new brand ID through to every touch point and asset including brochures, information packs, emails, enquiry forms, internal documents and social media.

03. Integration

I integrated the website with Salesforce. New leads trigger a set of automated events including an email marketing journey via Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the sending out of physical information packs.

04. Marketing

Analytical marketing data was integrated with Salesforce, allowing us to track every campaign down to minute detail. Previously success was measured by volume and cost per lead.  I started measuring quality and cost throughout the pension transfer process.

The old marketing data was mapped into Salesforce to give us a performance benchmark against the new strategy.

Armed with these new insights, I completely turned the marketing strategy,  messaging, website content and structure on its head.

The marketing budget now produces twice the amount of business and continues to grow.