Christie Spencer Interiors

Christie Spencer Interiors is run by Gaynor and Gail who live and work in Keston, a small village in Bromley, just outside London. They have over 35 years combined experience in private residential and commercial interior design.

They predominantly work on projects in and around Kent, specialising in creating timeless and beautiful family homes.

The Project

I’ve known Gaynor & Gail for quite a few years now. One evening over dinner Gaynor and I got talking about their website and how it needed a complete makeover.  As interior designers they had a very clear idea of what they wanted. All I had to do was work out how to make their ideas a reality.

01. Consultancy

Their old site was based on a Wix website template that didn’t represent them as a dynamic interior design company. It was difficult to navigate and had little presence in the search engines.

We went through websites that inspired them and put together a plan of all the elements they wanted on the new site.

02. Creativity

They knew which colour palettes they wanted to use. My creativity came into play by presenting their projects in away that looked sleek, easy to navigate and give potential clients a clear idea of what Gaynor and Gail were capable of achieving.

On a desktop computer users can scroll through the mosaic project galleries, quickly getting a feel of the project.  By clicking on an image the user become fully immersed in a widescreen slideshow experience.

On mobile devices the galleries automatically change form and present themselves in a single scrollable column.


The site is powered by WordPress and utilizes several different plugins to achieve the results they wanted. An API connection to their Instagram account automatically displays their latest posts on the site.

Server side Google reCAPTCHA was intergrated to stop spam emails. SPF & DKIM records were setup to ensure website contact form emails didn’t end up in users spam folders.

04. Marketing

I optimised each portfolio page for the location of the project, with search terms such as “Interior Designers Keston Park

The portfolio images were optimised to appear top in Google Image search results for terms such as “Interior Designer Banstead

A newly created Google Business Listing appears in local search results and on Google Maps.

Gaynor and Gail had wanted to use Google Ads to drive paid traffic to the site. However because the site was performing so well in natural search rankings, we decided that it wasn’t necessary.